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Welcome to WYFI Marketing – the brainchild of a passion ignited in youth and fueled by a desire to uplift other budding businesses.

Meet Cory Johnstone, the Heart Behind WYFI

Cory’s journey with marketing and editing began at the tender age of 12. What started as crafting snowmobile edits for sponsors quickly evolved into a deep love for YouTube. With daily uploads, Cory mastered the intricacies of the editing process, fine-tuning his skills every day. The digital world of films and photography beckoned, and he dived into it headfirst, blending his passion with his profession. 

Balancing his creative pursuits, Cory found himself working for a construction company. In a twist of fate, an opportunity presented itself that was too good to resist. Cory was entrusted with the marketing of three companies under their umbrella, including the launch and branding of a brand-new startup. This experience was transformative. Not only did it provide a real-world platform to apply and grow his skills, but it also sowed the seed for what would later become WYFI Marketing.